Advantages of the product

Advantages of the product

The advantage of the product

  • The product is strong due to the special blends and production process.
  • The unique perforation gives better strength in tensile stresses versus other products that exist in the market.
  • The special shape and size of perforation give better friction and interlock with all kinds of infill, such as gravel, concrete, wooden chips, etc.
  • It also gives better root lock-up due to the possibility of passing of wider roots from cell to cell.
  • Thus also enables the inserting of metal bars in order to create reinforced concrete slabs in underwater installation or combined shotcrete projects.

GeoGlobe® units can be supplied in greater width and thereby save installation time and reduce the number of connections between the neighboring units.


GeoGlobe® units can be produced in different cell sizes, from very small to very large, and thus adjust the size of the cell to the structure of the site, in order to reduce project costs and obtain optimal effect use of the product.


The advantage in connecting of adjacent units

Connecting the units to adjacent units, can be done by screws which are attached to the units. The area that connected by using screws, exceed 50% of the cell wall, so that the connecting area is stronger than any known connection element which exists in the market. It is totally stronger than staples of pneumatic stapler, which suffer from opening under strong tensile loads.


The connection system prevents uncontrolled movements of the units even under vertical loads of heavy vehicles, crossing over the units, and under strong tensile along steep slopes.


This method makes it possible to install the system with no need for additional tools such as generators or compressors, which are often not available in the site and on the other to use unskilled manpower.


The advantage of Installation system

Using a unique method, developed by the group of GeoGlobe® enables fast and inexpensive installation in comparison to any method known in the market today.