Case Study – Deviation of a watercourse causing flood near highway

Case Study – Deviation of a watercourse causing flood near highway

General Overview
Hydraulic erosion control
and drainage
Flood prevention and road safety

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Deviation of a watercourse causing flood near a highway

The challenge

  • The rainwater is concentrated in a watercourse located near a highway
    down-stream of a mountain, suddenly rising the water level from 0 to 3 meters.
  • This high flow is caused by the infiltration and the water erosion under the road
    parallel to the watercourse.
  • The waste is accumulated in the watercourse and thus frequently blocking it up.
  • Seasonally, heavy rains inundate all neighboring terrains.
Channel Stabilization
Hydraulic erosion and drainage flood prevention and road safety

The Solution

To create a reinforced channel of GeoGlobe® and change the channel- bed of the watercourse in order to prevent the risks of flood even in case of heavy rains.

The old method

In view of challenge to reveal, all conventional methods have been unsuccessful:
The gabions cannot avoid the accumulation of waste and do not allow the cleaning of the channel- bed of the watercourse in any season. The concrete plates are cracked even broken due to the
high level of the water table and the hydrostatic pressure.

GeoGlobe® method and its advantages

In order to solve the flood problems the channel- bed of the watercourse can be deverted and reinforced with the help of GeoGlobe® filled with concrete with brown pigment. Planting trees and bushes to harmonize the channel with the surrounding landscape in the heart of a natural park.

The technology – simple, fast, effective and economical

After cleaning and shaping the channel-bed of the watercourse GeoGlobe® is expanded and anchored to the width over a nonwoven geotextile. After that the cells are filled with concrete with brown pigment reserving some cells for plantations.

The result

The watercourse flows regularly for over 10 years, collects the run-off from upstream to go into the sea.
Due to the vegetation that covered the banks, it is almost impossible to discern the
After the reinforcement of the bed of the watercourse, it is possible to pass a tractor to clean it easily. Because of the construction of the channel with a confinement system, there are no more floods on the neighboring terrains and the road is not damaged anymore by the erosion caused by the water infiltration.