Case Study – Reinforcement of a channel alongside a road

Case Study – Reinforcement of a channel alongside a road

General Overview
Hydraulic erosion control and
drainage of Channels
Channel Stabilization

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Reinforcement of a channel alongside a road

The challenge

  • Following the heavy rains, the water streams beyond the road – shoulders and causes internal erosion through infiltration of water on the sides of the
    channels, under the sub- base layer and under the asphalt edge which may collapse.
  • The traffic of vehicles has become dangerous because the slightest deviation of the vehicles over the road – shoulders can cause a serious accident.
Channel Stabilization
Hydraulic erosion control
and drainage of Channels

The Solution

To create and reinforce channels alongside the road with GeoGlobe® filled
with concrete.

The alternative methods

– To install pre-fabricated concrete plates- an alternative which is not viable because
of the very high logistics costs. Moreover, the concrete plates are not flexible. They crack, break and do not solve the problem which is causing erosion or gully.
– To locate rocks: an inefficient method because the problem of the hydraulic
erosion is not taken into account and does not allow cleaning of the channel bed
in any season.

GeoGlobe® approach

Faced with the need to control the erosion caused by water infiltration under the road and at the road-shoulders, the channels should be reinforced. Thus providing the stability and security to the road structure.

The technology – simple, economical, durable, reinforces the security

After giving the terrain a form of a trapezoid channel, a GeoGlobe® layer of up to 10 cm high, filled with concrete, is installed on a layer of geotextile.

The result

The water even at high speed flows, doesn’t cause erosion and instability of the terrain.
The channel can now be easily cleaned after the rainy season. All of this contributes to the security of the road traffic because the vehicles can use the road-shoulder, without a fear of overturning.