Case Study – Stabilization of slopes after the enlargement of a road

Case Study – Stabilization of slopes after the enlargement of a road

General Overview
Slope stabilization with a steep
Protection and supporting erosive soils

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Stabilization of slopes after the enlargement of a road

The challenge

  • It is necessary to enlarge a road but without the permission to use the adjacent terrains along the road that are constructed and inhabited.
  • This enlargement work done on a restricted area leads to the creation of a slope
    with a steep inclination.
Slope with a steep
Protection and supporting erosive soils

The Solution

To stabilize the slopes combining different applications of GeoGlobe® without disfiguring the landscape.

The alternative method

Building concrete retaining walls. This option is proven to be too expensive and above all incompatible with the landscape.

GeoGlobe® method and its advantages

Each part of the slope is treated in a different manner depending on the
inclination and the height: in the lower part (up to 3 meters) and adjacent to the road, a retaining wall is constructed; as to the higher part of the slope (above 3 meters), a layer of GeoGlobe® is installed to stabilize the slope.

The technology – effective, durable, economical and ecological

In order to reduce the inclination of the slope, due to the lack of base- side surface, the
lower part consists of a vertically retaining wall. On the upper part of the slope and after preparation of the terrain, a layer of GeoGlobe®, firmly anchored to the top, is expended down to the wall then filled with topsoil located on site.

The result

The use of topsoil available on site as ballast is very economical and is also perfect from a
landscape point of view. Rapidly, the slope is covered by vegetation that
contributes to the permanent stabilization of the slopes while preserving the natural