Case study – Stabilization of rocky slopes for vegetation cover

Case study – Stabilization of rocky slopes for vegetation cover

General Overview
Slope stabilization with a steep
Stabilization of slopes

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Stabilization of slopes and establishment of vegetation cover on rocky slopes, in area which is prone to hurricanes.

The challenge

    Construction of a new road, with rocky embankments alongside the road,was very complicated.The slopes were covered with lot of big boulders, and the objective was to cover those slopes with vegetated soil, in order for the road to fit in with the surrounding areas. The area is prone to lot of rain, so the problem was that no material could be placed on the wet slopes without it sliding down.
Slope with a steep
Stabilization of slopes

The Solution

The solution was to install а layer of GeoGlobe® geocells above the slopes,and to achieve а stable solution for confinement of the soil.

The installation process

The GeoGlobe® Geocells were fixed at the top and expanded downwards very slowly, due to the steep slopes. After аll the geocells were expanded and anchored, they were filled with vegetated soil.

The result

The slopes were perfectly protected against the sliding of the soil. The installation was done within а short period. After two months the area was under heavy rain due to а hurricane, but nо damage to the slope, the geocells, or the infill occurred. After а very short period the vegetation had begun to grow inside the GeoGlobe® geocells.