The Cellular Confinement Systems (Geocells) were developed by the US army, Corps of Engineers, in the 1970’s. Their target was to find a solution to stabilize soil in soft terrain, in wet weather conditions, for load support applications.

Later on it was used for protection and stabilization of slopes, protective lining of channels and hydraulic structures, static and dynamic load support on weak subgrade soils and earth retaining gravity structures.

During the years the geocells with smooth cell- walls were changed into perforated textured cell-walls.

Later on some of the producers concentrated in changing the raw material for the production.
GeoGlobe Europe’s team, has done all efforts to learn from the disadvantages of the current producers and developed a new type of geocells with the advantage upon the existing products in the market.

By the new developments GeoGlobe® is a geosynthetic product that is highly effective in solving many drainage, soil reinforcement and erosion control problems.